2016 Exhibitors

A list of 2017 exhibitors will be available closer to the Show. Please see below for the list of 2016 exhibitors.

ExhibitorStand NumberSection
A Touch of SilverC41Ground Floor
Abha London LtdD33Ground Floor
Alpine Country HomesG103Gallery Level
AlrubaG138Gallery level
Amelia Jane London LtdG16Gallery Level
Arc EquineG80Gallery Level
ArmyKid LTDD46Ground Floor
Ashbourne International Fashion LtdG36Gallery Level
Association Tourisme Equestre du LotG153Gallery Level
Ayr Equestrian LtdE51Ground Floor
Bags Plus (UK)C55Ground Floor
Bareback EquestrianD53Ground Floor
Barkers EquestrianC7Ground Floor
Barn AntiquesG15Gallery Level
Barrhead LeatherD54Ground Floor
Bentley EquestrianB61Ground Floor
Bergs InternationalC42Ground Floor
Brass TacksD25Ground Floor
Buckover Equi-bibsG12Gallery Level
Cheffings EquineD9Gallery Level
Childeric SaddlesG110Gallery Level
Chillout Horsewear LtdG132Ground Floor
City CowsE26Ground Floor
Classic DressageD60Ground Floor
Claudio LugliG124Gallery Level
Cobra BeltsD58Ground Floor
Collier & Dobson LtdG37Gallery Level
Collier & Dobson LtdG42Gallery Level
Coltsfoot EquestrianB45Ground Floor
Cool EquestrianB33Ground Floor
CountryFrogG104Gallery Level
Cousins TweedG60Gallery Level
Crown JewellsD36Ground Floor
Cudworth of NordenF19Ground Floor
D&J SaddleryG129Gallery Level
Dalton'sG19Gallery Level
Debbie HarrisG72Gallery Level
Delanns JewelsC25Ground Floor
Delanns JewelsG48Gallery Level
Diane HennchenC34Ground Floor
Dogs & CoB36Ground Floor
Dotcombags.co.ukB46Ground Floor
Edward SinclairC37Ground Floor
Ella and Cherry LondonB26Ground Floor
EmphasizeG24Gallery Level
English BridlesC11Ground Floor
Eqclusive LtdG97Gallery Level
Equestrian Bookfair LtdD19Ground Floor
Equestrian Clearance SalesC61Ground Floor
Equiclass LtdG91Gallery Level
Equine and CountryE61Ground Floor
Equino ChapsG95Gallery Level
EquiNutritive LtdG111Gallery Level
Equiport LtdF16Ground Floor
EquisafetyE12Ground Floor
EquisafetyE9Ground Floor
Espayo Equestrian LtdC33Ground Floor
Estribos ArgentinaD35Ground Floor
EVet Drug LtdG134Gallery Level
Fairfax & FavorG64Gallery Level
Falcon Equine Feeds LtdG141Gallery Level
FALPROG156Gallery Level
FeedmarkB3Ground Floor
Flying ChangesG85Gallery Level
FMBs and Magnetic MedicsG84Gallery Level
Forelock BooksG20Gallery Level
Four Seasons Equestrian LtdG78Gallery Level
Gabriela RoseG63Gallery Level
Gabriella Shaw CeramicsC38Ground Floor
gotabag.comG119Gallery Level
Gray's of Shenstone LtdG160Gallery Level
Greys & Bays LtdG165Gallery Level
Griff Great BritainD26Ground Floor
H&M AMD48Ground Floor
Hector HartleyG115Gallery Level
Hertford Horse BitsB11Ground Floor
Heyland and WhittleG75Gallery Level
Hiho SilverG76Gallery Level
Home Portraits 4U LtdG7Gallery Level
Hope Valley LtdE15Ground Floor
Horse Health Wessex LtdC15Ground Floor
hzoneG143Gallery Level
In The SaddleG155Gallery Level
Indigo BooG161Gallery Level
J.M.S InternationalE1Ground Floor
Jab-a-Roo HatsE28Ground Floor
Jacqueline HeadlamG69Gallery Level
Jardin De FranceA41Ground Floor
Jimmy HoovesG117Gallery Level
Joey DG9Gallery Level
John Whitaker International LtdB15Ground Floor
Jormaepourri LtdD56Gallery Level
Joshua Jones UKG47Gallery Level
Joules LtdF25Ground Floor
Just ChapsB27Ground Floor
Karen Crook ArtC46Ground Floor
KASKG82Gallery Level
Kate Negus SaddleryG87Gallery Level
KC CollectionB25Ground Floor
KEPD15Ground Floor
Kingsland Equestrian UKE11Ground Floor
Kozy SocksC50Ground Floor
Leisure Shop LtdB42Ground Floor
Les Vignobles GuindeuilG105Gallery Level
Libby Horse Tack & Dog LeadsD12Ground Floor
Liberty KellyG113Gallery Level
Life AccessoriesG17Gallery Level
LIM Group LTDC26Ground Floor
LIM Group LTDG21Gallery Level
Little Blue HouseG68Gallery Level
Lou Grey Designs LtdG89Gallery Level
Lucinda FrancesG114Gallery Level
Lydia Kiernan ArtE25Ground Floor
Machiavelli ItalyD18Ground Floor
Mackenzie and GeorgeG79Gallery Level
MagneticG20aGallery Level
Maxima EquestrianG10Gallery Level
Microfibre Store LtdG152Gallery Level
ModessaG142Gallery Level
MOJOB53Ground Floor
My Little WishD28Ground Floor
Nags EssentialsB7Ground Floor
New Cottage FudgeG99Gallery Floor
Noble OutfittersC43Ground Floor
Official Merchandise StandGH7Ground Floor
NPD Ventures Ltd (Collar 'n' Coat)G135Gallery Level
Patey ProtectorG90Gallery Level
Peter StuntD1Ground Floor
Pony Magazine and Horse & Rider MagazineB50Ground Floor
Porsche Cars Great Britain LimitedGH5Ground Floor
Premier Equine International LtdF41Ground Floor
Prestatie SportG83Gallery Level
Printz by JessE36Ground Floor
Pro ChoiceA1Ground Floor
Prudhoe RosettesC3Ground Floor
ReadysuppG125Gallery Level
Redwings Horse SactuaryD57Ground Floor
Renapur LtdB1Ground Floor
Richardson Designs LtdG109Gallery Level
Rosettes DirectB35Ground Floor
Royal EquestrianG112Gallery Level
Safe Care EquineB52Ground Floor
SalamoA61Ground Floor
Salt and Pepper Shoes LtdG148Gallery Level
SB PromotionsG133Gallery Level
Seaton GiftsG25Gallery Level
Sederholm Selected LtdG56Gallery Level
Shadow HorseG86Gallery Level
Silver SteedG13Gallery Level
SloemotionG106Ground Floor
Snowdonia Cheese Co LtdG107Gallery Level
Snuggy HoodsF23Ground Floor
South West TenG74Gallery Level
SoxTrot UKA49Ground Floor
Spry CandlesG22Gallery Level
A Touch of SilverG149Gallery Level
Stable Door Name PlatesF59Ground Floor
Start SmartD41Ground Floor
Stevenson BrothersE33Ground Floor
Sticks and StoneG55Gallery Level
Stormchase LtdG14Gallery Level
StormTechG65Gallery Level
The London PetG159Gallery Level
Symonds Leisure Services LtdGH1Ground Floor
T C Tack LtdD49Ground Floor
The Amaze BrushG5Gallery Level
Careers in RacingG23Gallery Level
The Flying DuckF24Gallery Level
The Flying FoxG50Gallery Level
The Kennel Club LimitedGH8Ground Floor
The Mane Dealer LtdB57Ground Floor
The Oxford Shirt Company & The Oxford Brush CompanyD34Ground Floor
The Pony ClubGH4Ground Floor
The Print RescuerD27Ground Floor
The Profiles RangeB55Ground Floor
The Yorkshire Clothing CompanyE53Ground Floor
ThermatexC1Ground Floor
ThermaVetB49Ground Floor
Thomas & Co LtdD61Ground Floor
Time IncGH6Ground Floor
TJS SaddleryG121Gallery Level
Townfields Saddlers LtdF33Ground Floor
Treehouse Sporting ColoursG29Gallery Level
Tylers Horse and CountryG1Gallery Level
Tynllwyn Tack ShopE35Ground Floor
Uk CoversD45Ground Floor
Uptown E StoreG2Gallery Level
V-Bandz LtdA15Ground Floor
Vintage Collectable Clothing LtdG59Gallery Level
Vishana LtdG71Gallery Level
Voltaire Design LtdB41Ground Floor
Warwickshire ClothingA17Ground Floor
Watt To Wear LtdC4Ground Floor
WelligogsB34Ground Floor
Wendy Darker ArtD42Ground Floor
Whotz Hot LtdC5Ground Floor
Wingfield DigbyG18Gallery Level
World Horse WelfareB51Ground Floor
Wychanger Barton SaddleryC49Ground Floor
Wychanger Barton SaddleryF49Ground Floor
ZafinaG92Gallery Level
ZainiG6Gallery Level