2019 Exhibitors

Please see below for the list of 2019 exhibitors.

ExhibitorProduct CategorySectionStand Number
A Touch of SilverFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorC57
Abha London LtdFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorC38
Amaze BrushGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorC01
Anne Johnston GillGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG135
AntaresHorse & RiderGallery levelG158
Ayr Equestrian LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorE51
Aztec Diamond Equestrian UK LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG220
Bareback FootwearHorse & RiderGround FloorD41
Barker's EquestrianHorse & RiderGround FloorB07
Barney's Biscuit BoxesGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD59
Belvoir Rug CompanyHorse & RiderGround FloorB53
Benz EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG185
Black Heart EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG164
Blackwater AnimoHorse & RiderGallery levelG251
Blondie ManiaFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorC26
Brass TacksHorse & RiderGround FloorD25
Buckover Equi-bibs & WaistcoatsHorse & RiderGround FloorC53
CardologyGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG215
Caroline NichollsFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG169
Celtic TweedsGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG172
Chillout Horsewear LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorC50
City CowsGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorC33
Classic DressageHorse & RiderGround FloorB25
Claudio Lugli ShirtsFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG174
Cobra BeltsFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD58
Collier and Dobson Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG108
Collier and Dobson Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG109
Cool EquestrianHorse & RiderGround FloorD01
Country FrogHorse & RiderGallery levelG241
Crafty Ponies KidsGround FloorB01
Crown JewelsFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD36
Cumbrian Heavy Horses RidingHorse & RiderGallery levelG157
CWD SportHorse & RiderGround FloorD09
D & J SaddleryHorse & RiderGround FloorC03
Delanns JewelsFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorC25
Delanns JewelsFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG112
DevoucouxHorse & RiderGallery levelG107
Diane Hennchen ArtGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorC34
Doggy Bag® Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG149
Dogs & Co.Gift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorB36
Dotcombags.co.ukFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorB61
Drimee Horse SolariumsHorse & RiderGround FloorE28
DriRug®Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG151
DVR EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG230
Eleven Fifteeen JewelleryFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelH276
Ella & CherryFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorB26
Emma Ziff PhotographyGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG103
EmphasizeFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG240
English BridlesHorse & RiderGround FloorD12
Eqclusive & Alan DaviesHorse & RiderGallery levelG211
Equestrian Bookfair LtdKidsGround FloorD19
Equestrian Clearance SalesHorse & RiderGround FloorC61
EquestrimenHorse & RiderGallery levelH272
Equiclass LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG145
Equi-Jewel by Emily GaltryHorse & RiderGallery levelG221
Equikro EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG300
Equine Rescue ServiceHorse & RiderGround FloorGH3b
EquiportHorse & RiderGround FloorF41
Equisafety LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorE09
EquiTack.comHorse & RiderGround FloorF49
Equitex - The Saddle Pad CompanyHorse & RiderGallery levelG160
EquitureHorse & RiderGround FloorD53
Espayo EquestrianHorse & RiderGround FloorB11
Espayo EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG156
Estribos ArgentinaFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD35
F.lli Fabri (Rendercare Ltd)Horse & RiderGallery levelG197
Fairfax and FavorFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG120
FeedmarkHorse & RiderGround FloorB03
Finer EquineHorse & RiderGallery levelG139
FlapjackeryFood & DrinkGallery levelG206
Flying ChangesHorse & RiderGallery levelG144
FMBs Therapy SystemsHorse & RiderGallery levelG233
FoxyEquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG225
Fudge KitchenFood & DrinkGallery levelG204
Gemma JFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG136
Georgian DollarHorse & RiderGallery levelH278
Glaze & GordonHorse & RiderGallery levelG131
GPA/KAVALKADE/EQUINO CHAPSHorse & RiderGallery levelE52
Grays Est 1922  Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG242
Griff (Great Britain)Fashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD28
HarcourHorse & RiderGallery levelG228
Hardy EtcHorse & RiderGallery levelG189
Hayfield EnglandGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG159
HaygainHorse & RiderGround FloorE17
Helgstrand DenmarkFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG118
Hiho Fashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG130
Holland CooperHorse & RiderGallery levelG114
Hope Valley SaddleryHorse & RiderGround FloorF19
Horse & Hound Horse & RiderGround FloorGH6
Horse EducationHorse & RiderGround FloorD43
Horse Health Horse & RiderGround FloorC15
Husen ModaFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD55
I G Equine BoutiqueHorse & RiderGallery levelG234
In The SaddleGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG191
Isabell WerthHorse & RiderGround FloorE61
Jardin De FranceGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorA41
Jessica Mendoza ArtGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG171
JMS InternationalKidsGround FloorE01
Joshua Jones UKHorse & RiderGallery levelG111
Joules Fashion & AccessoriesGround FloorF25
Just Chaps LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorD60
Justin ReeceGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG180
Kara Creek RanchHorse & RiderGallery levelG181
Kate Negus Horse & RiderGallery levelG137
Kathleen Florance Recycled CashmereFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG267
KC CollectionFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorD31
KEP-TECH-EQUICK-TUCCIHorse & RiderGround FloorE25
Kingsland at Hope ValleyHorse & RiderGround FloorE11
Langdon EurpoeanGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorA63
Le ChameauHorse & RiderGallery levelG132
Leisure Shop LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorB42
Libbys Horse Tack & Dog LeadsHorse & RiderGround FloorD16
Lister WilderHorse & RiderGround FloorGH2b
Little Hero Horse & RiderGround FloorB41
Lucy Newson PhotographyGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG173
Mackenzie and GeorgeFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG129
Magma LondonGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG269
Mandy's HeavenFashion & AccessoriesGround FloorB35
Margaret Lee PalmistryGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorA49
Mark Russell Gift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG256
Maxima EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG231
MOJO EuropeHorse & RiderGround FloorD11
Moore EquestrianHorse & RiderGallery levelG253
MustoGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG115
My Best Friend's WardrobeGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG252
Nags EssentialsHorse & RiderGround FloorB17
OlvossaHorse & RiderGround FloorD45
Omega EquineHorse & RiderGround FloorF45
Peter Symonds Old Fashioned FairingsGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorGH1
PH WintertonHorse & RiderGround FloorGH2a
Pharo JewelleryFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG127
Philip Sharpe GalleryGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG128
Philomena London Pet OutfittersGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG199
Pinkster GinFood & DrinkGallery levelG201
Polo ValleyHorse & RiderGallery levelG147
PolyPadsHorse & RiderGround FloorD44
PONY Magazine and Horse&Rider MagazineHorse & RiderGround FloorB50
Porsche Cars GBGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorGH5
Pretty BeautifulGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG121
Pretty Little PropsFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG184
PulsemagneticsGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD56
Rabart Pro-Choice Canine Gift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorA01
Redwings Horse SanctuaryHorse & RiderGround FloorF23
Rheel PublishingGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelH274
Richardson Designs LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG162
Rosettes DirectHorse & RiderGround FloorF20
Röwer & Rüb (UK) LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG217
Royal EquestrianHorse & RiderGround FloorE19
Rudds Wellies Gift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorG155
Ruff and TumbleGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorB28
Rustic RudolphGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorA61
Sabre Saddlery & Holistic TherapiesHorse & RiderGallery levelH275
SalamoHorse & RiderGround FloorB09
Sas Les Vignobles GuindeuilFood & DrinkGallery levelG208
SB PromotionsGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG179
Sederholm LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG116
Shadow HorseHorse & RiderGallery levelG146
Silent Pool DistillersFood & DrinkGallery levelG207
Silver SteedFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG141
Sloe Motion LtdFood & DrinkGallery levelG200
Snowdonia Cheese Co LtdFood & DrinkGallery levelG202
Snuggy HoodsHorse & RiderGround FloorE53
SoxtrotHorse & RiderGallery levelC55
Spry CandlesGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG100
Stable Door Name PlatesHorse & RiderGround FloorF59
StartSmartKidsGround FloorC28
Stevenson BrothersGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG106
Stormchase LtdHorse & RiderGallery levelG193
Stride Free Saddles - K M EliteHorse & RiderGallery levelG235
Stübben Riding Equipment Horse & RiderGround FloorB49
Sugar and StyleFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG186
Sunfire Spirits LtdFood & DrinkGallery levelG205
Super X CountryHorse & RiderGallery levelG213
T C Tack Horse & RiderGround FloorE50
TechClothing (STORMTECH)Horse & RiderGallery levelG122
Teddy EdwardGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG246
Teme Valley ChesterfieldGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD34
The Flying DuckKidsGround FloorA67
The Kennel Club Gift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorGH8
The Mane DealerHorse & RiderGround FloorB57
The Oxford Brush CompanyGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD18
The Oxford Shirt Company Gift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD26
The Oxton Liqueur CompanyFood & DrinkGallery levelG203
The Pony Club and Shop and DropHorse & RiderGround FloorGH7
The Print RescuerGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD27
The Profiles RangeGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorB55
ThermatexHorse & RiderGround FloorD57
Thomas & CoGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD61
Tidy Tack RoomsHorse & RiderGallery levelG195
TJS SaddleryHorse & RiderGround FloorE15
Tomoyuki NagaseGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG265
Townfields Saddlers LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorF33
Treehouse Sporting ColoursHorse & RiderGallery levelG105
Tylers Horse and CountryHorse & RiderGround FloorC58
V-Bandz LtdHorse & RiderGround FloorA15
VeroHorse & RiderGallery levelG219
Vintage Collectable Clothing LtdFashion & AccessoriesGallery levelG119
Voltaire Design Horse & RiderGround FloorE35
Warwickshire ClothingHorse & RiderGround FloorA17
WelligogsGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorB34
Wendy DarkerGift, Country & LifestyleGround FloorD33
Woodcock ClothingGift, Country & LifestyleGallery levelG263
World Horse WelfareHorse & RiderGround FloorB46
Wychanger BartonHorse & RiderGround FloorC41
ZafinaHorse & RiderGallery levelG152