2018 Exhibitors

Please see below for the list of 2018 exhibitors.

ExhibitorStand NumberSection
A Touch of SilverC57Ground Floor
Abha London LtdC38Ground Floor
AiversportG165Gallery Level
Albion EnglandG185Gallery Level
Amaze BrushG220Gallery Level
Animo at Reform SportG247Gallery Level
Anne Johnston GillG274Gallery Level
AntaresG156Gallery Level
Anthony O'Keefe Portraits G263Gallery Level
Ascendance FashionG243Gallery Level
Ayr EquitationE51Ground Floor
Aztec Diamond Equestrian UK LtdG251Gallery Level
Bali BalmG167Galley Level
Bareback FootwearD45Ground Floor
Barkers EquestrianC07Ground Level
Benz EquestrianG147Gallery Level
Black Heart EquestrianG164Gallery Level
Blackbrook InteriorsG246Gallery Level
Blaze WearG160Gallery Level
Blondie ManiaC26Ground Level
Bobbi ParkaG172Gallery Level
Brass TacksD25Ground Floor
Buckover Equi-bibsC49Ground Floor
BrookeG181 & B41Gallery Level & Ground Floor
Cardology Pop-Up CardsG212Gallery Level
Carr & Day & MartinD42Ground Floor
Celtic TweedsG174Gallery Level
Cheffings EquineD09Ground Floor
Chillout Equestrian/HorsewearG260Gallery Level
City CowsC33Ground Floor
Claudio LugliG176Gallery Level
Cobra BeltsD58Ground Floor
Collier & Dobson LtdG108/109Gallery Level
Coltsfoot EquestrianB45 Ground Floor
Cool Equestrian LtdB07Ground Floor
CountryFrogG241Gallery Level
Crafty PoniesB01Ground Level
Crown JewelsD36Ground Level
Cudworth of NordenF19Ground Floor
Cumbrian Heavy horsesG155Gallery Level
CWDB11Ground Floor
D&J SaddleryC01Ground Floor
DeBrook EquestrianG180Gallery Level
Delanns JewelsC25/G112Ground Floor/Gallery Level
Der Dau custom made Boots &
G142Gallery Level
DevoucouxG107Gallery Level
Diane Hennchen ArtC34Ground Floor
Dignity Equine CremationG149Gallery Level
Doggy BagĀ® and DriRugĀ®G144/145Gallery Level
Dogs and Co
B36Ground Floor
Dot Com BagsB61Ground Floor
Drimee Horse SolariumsE28Ground Floor
DuckSoupD59Ground Floor
DVR EquestrianH284Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
Ella and CherryB26Ground Floor
Emily Cole IllustrationsG278Gallery Level
Emma DarlingtonG225Gallery Level
Emma Ziff PhotographyG103Gallery Level
EmphasizeG240Gallery Level
English BridlesD12Ground Floor
Epona ProH281Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
Eqclusive & Alan DaviesG211Gallery Level
Equestrian Bookfair LtdD19Ground Floor
Equestrian Clearance SalesC61Ground Floor
Equiclass LtdG141Gallery Level
Equine and Country E61Ground Floor
Equino ChapsG139Gallery Level
Equisafety LtdE09Ground Floor
EquisureC46Ground Floor
Equitack.comF49Ground Floor
EquitureG216Gallery Level
Espayo Equestrian LtdD55Ground Floor
Equ'IdeesG213Gallery Level
Espayo Equestrian LtdG154Gallery Level
Estribos ArgentinaD35Ground Floor
Everyday EquineD01Ground Floor
ExposureD53Ground Floor
F. lli FabriG187Gallery Level
Fairfax & FavorG120Gallery Level
FeedmarkB03Ground Floor
Finer EquineH279Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
FlapjackeryG204Gallery Level
Flying ChangesG133Gallery Level
FMBs Therapy SystemsG223Gallery Level
FoxyEquestrianG217Gallery Level
Gabriella Shaw CeramicsB25Ground Floor
Gemma JG136Gallery Level
George & DottyA61Ground Floor
Glaze & GordonG131Gallery Level
GPA HelmetsG150Gallery Level
Grays 1922G242Gallery Level
Griff (Great Britain)D28Ground Floor
Hannibal BrownG201Gallery Level
Hardy EtcG148Gallery Level
Hats off OxfordG236Gallery Level
Hayfield EnglandG151Gallery Level
Hayfield EquestrianG237Gallery Level
Heather Irvine ArtistG227Gallery Level
Henleys Love SweetsG207Gallery Level
HihoG130Gallery Level
HLB EquestrianG269Gallery Level
Home and HoundG161Gallery Level
Hoods HoneyG244G244Gallery Level
Hoof & Paw GiftsH282Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
Hope ValleyE15Ground Floor
Horse & HoundGH6Ground Floor
Horse EducationG282Gallery Level
Horse HealthC15Ground Floor
Horses In SportD09Ground Floor
Hudson EquineG259Gallery Level
Husen ModaG166Gallery Level
ID Peters LondonG276Gallery Level
In The SaddleG238Gallery Level
J. M. S. International
E01Ground Floor
Jardin De FranceA41Ground Floor
Jormaepourri Ltd.C51Ground Floor
Joshua Jones UKG111Gallery Level
JoulesF25Ground Floor
Julia Pharo JewelleryG267Gallery Level
Just Chaps LtdD60Ground Floor
Justin ReeceG184Gallery Level
Kara Creek Ranch
G173Gallery Level
Kate Negus
G135Gallery Level

G126Gallery Level
Kingsland at Hope ValleyE11Ground Floor
Kitted In CashmereG255Gallery Level
Koy ClothingG122Gallery Level
Kozy SocksC50Ground Floor
Kramer EquestrianG153Gallery Level
Langdon European LtdC03Ground Floor
G268Gallery Level
Leisure Shop LtdB42Ground Floor
Libbys Horse Tack &
Dog Leads
D16Ground Floor
Lister Wilder GH2bGround Floor
Little HeroF23Ground Floor
Living Art HungerfordG192Gallery Level
MHF Polo & La MartinaB51Ground Floor
LonginesG115Gallery Level
Lou Grey Designs LtdG127Gallery Level
Mackenzie and GeorgeG129Gallery Level
Mandy's HeavenB35Ground Floor
Margaret Lee Palmistry
A49Ground Floor
Max MindpowerG224Gallery Level
Maxima EquestrianG221Gallery Level
& My Horse
B41Ground Floor
ModessaG186Gallery Level
MOJO EuropeB49Ground Floor
Moore EquestrianG215Gallery Level
Morgan EquineG168Gallery Level
G244Gallery Level
MustoG117Gallery Level
Nags EssentialsB17Ground Floor
Niavo EquestrianG233Gallery Level
Noble OutfittersD34Ground floor
Olivia & PearlG266Gallery Level
OlvossaD43Ground Floor
Ground Floor
Omega EquineF45Gallery Level
Outward SuccessH285Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
The Oxford Brush CompanyD18Ground Floor
The Oxford Shirt CompanyD26Ground Floor
Parkers CufflinksG159Gallery Level
Parlanti RomaG132Gallery Level
Peace of AfrikaG229Gallery Level
Peter Symonds Old Fashioned FairingsGH1Ground Floor
PH WintertonGH2a
Ground Floor
Philip Sharpe GalleryG128Gallery Level
Philomena London Pet OutfittersG191Gallery Level
Pinkster ginG205Gallery Level
Poetic License DistilleryG206Gallery Level
Polo ValleyG143Gallery Level
PONY Magazine and Horse&Rider MagazineB50Ground Floor
Porsche Cars Great Britain LimitedGH5Ground Floor
Portugal EquestrianG190Gallery Level
Posh MuckerzH283Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
Prestige Italia SPAG231Gallery Level
Pretty BeautifulG123Gallery Level
PSantiago Alpaca DesignsG138Gallery Level
PulsemagneticsD56Ground Floor
Quick PickH287Galley Level
Rabart Pro-Choice Canine A01Ground Floor
Redwings Horse SanctuaryC53Ground Floor
Richardson Designs LtdG162Gallery Level
Robin Mullen Contemporary ArtG169Gallery Level
Rosettes DirectF20Ground Floor
Royal EquestrianF16Gallery Level
Rudds WelliesA63Ground Floor
Ruff & TumbleB28Ground Floor
Rydale ClothingD41/F41Ground Floor
Saddlebox CoG253Gallery Level
SalamoB09Ground Floor
SAS Les Vignobles GuindeuilG208Gallery Level
G171Gallery Level
Scotts of LondonG270Gallery Level
Seaton GiftsG102Gallery Level
Sederholm LtdG116Gallery Level
Shadow HorseG146Gallery Level
Signature EquestrianG280Gallery Level
Silver LucyG261Gallery Level
Silver SteedG137Gallery Level
Simply SoloH286Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
SloemotionG200Gallery Level
Snowdonia Cheese Co LtdG202Gallery Level
Snuggy HoodsE53Ground Floor
Soho LtdG157Gallery Level
South West TenG125Gallery Level
SoxTrot UKC55Ground Floor
SPOOKS GmbhG245Gallery Level
Spry CandlesG100Gallery Level
Stable Door Name PlatesF59Ground Floor
StartSmartC28Ground Floor
Stay Superior EquestrianH280Gallery Level - Olympia Introducing
Stevenson Brothers Rocking HorsesE33Ground Floor
Stormchase LtdG183Gallery Level
Stubben Riding EquipmentG262Gallery Level
Sugar and StyleG188Gallery Level
Tack Ltd
E52Ground Floor
TechClothing (STORMTECH)G121Gallery Level
Tails.comA61Gallery Level
Teme Valley ChesterfieldsG142Gallery Level
The Flying DuckA67Ground Floor
The Flying FoxG114Gallery Level
The Kennel ClubGH8Ground Floor
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery G175Gallery Level
The Mane Dealer LtdB57Ground Floor
The Oxton Liquer CompanyG203Gallery Level
The Pony Club and Shop and DropGH4Ground Floor
The Print RescuerD27Ground Floor
The Profiles RangeB55Ground Floor
The Tim Stockdale FoundationG232Gallery Floor
THERMATEXD57Ground Floor
Thomas & CoD61Ground Floor
Tidy Tack roomsG272Gallery Level
Tina Bucknall FashionsG178Gallery Level
G163Gallery Level
Townfields Saddlers LtdF33Ground Floor
Treehouse Sporting ColoursG105Gallery Level
Tylers Horse & CountryC58Ground Floor
V-Bandz LtdA15Ground Floor
Vero EquestrianG214Gallery Level
Vintage Collectable Clothing LtdG119Gallery Level
Voltaire DesignE35Ground Floor
Warwickshire ClothingA17Ground Floor
WelligogsB34Ground Floor
Wendy Darker ArtD33Ground Floor
Westwood Home & Lifestyle G140Gallery Level
World Horse WelfareB46Ground Floor
Wychanger BartonC41Ground Floor
ZafinaG152Gallery Level
ZellieG265Gallery Level