2017 Exhibitors

Please see below for the list of 2017 exhibitors.

ExhibitorStand NumberSection
A Cranial PerspectiveH268Olympia Introducing
A Touch of SilverB41Ground Floor
Abha London LtdC57Ground Floor
Ashbourne Equestrian G107Gallery Level
Ayreshire EquitationE51Ground Floor
Aztec Diamond Equestrian UK LtdG264Gallery Level
Banvard & JamesG159Gallery Level
Bareback EquestrianD45Ground Level
Barkers EquestrianC07Ground Floor
Belvoir RugsA61Ground Floor
Bjork HusC53Ground Floor
Black Heart EquestrianG215Gallery Level
Brass TracksD25Ground Floor
Bredon Hill ShootingG115Gallery Level
Buckover EquibibsD54Ground Floor
Butler Stewart ClothingG157Gallery Level
Celtic TweedsG147Gallery Level
Cheffings EquineD09Ground Floor
Childeric SaddlesG168Gallery Level
Chillout Horsewear LtdG178Gallery Level
City CowsC33Ground Floor
Classic CollectionG259Gallery Level
Claudio LugliG176Gallery Level
Cobra BeltsD58Ground Floor
Collier & Dobson LtdG108Gallery Level
Collier & Dobson LtdG109Gallery Level
Coltsfoot EquestrianB45 Ground Floor
Cool EquestrianB25Ground Floor
Country ArtsG258Gallery Level
CountryFrogG104Gallery Level
Crafty PoniesB01Ground Floor
Crown JewelsD36Ground Floor
Cudworth of NordenF19Ground Floor
CWD SellierB11Ground Floor
D&J Saddlery
C01Ground Floor
Delanns JewelsC25Ground Floor
Delanns JewelsG112Gallery Level
DevoucouxG208Gallery Level
Diamond LabelsG121GalleryLevel
Diane HennchenC34Ground Floor
Dogs and CoB36Ground Floor
Drimee Horse SolariumsB51Ground Floor
Edward SinclairC37Ground Floor
and Cherry
B26Ground Floor
EmphasizeG240Gallery Level
English BridlesC11Ground Floor
EqclusiveG185Gallery Level
Equestrian Bookfair LtdD19Ground Floor
Equestrian Clearance SalesC61Ground Floor
EquibuddyH273Olympia Introducing
Equiclass LtdG141Gallery Level
Equi-KidsG177Gallery Level
Equilume G209Gallery Level
Equine and Country E61Ground Floor
Equino ChapsG143Gallery Level
Equiport LtdF16Ground Floor
EquisafetyE09Ground Floor
EquitureG210Gallery Level
EquiwareG169Gallery Level
Estribos ArgentinaD35Ground Floor
EurohorseD53Ground Floor
Fairfax & FavorG124Gallery Level
Falcon Equine Feeds LtdG184Gallery Level
FALPROB35Ground Floor
Federation Equestre InternationaleGH3Ground Floor
FeedmarkB03Ground Floor
Flying ChangesG135Gallery Level
FoxyEquestrianG213Gallery Level
Funky Feet FashionsG147Gallery Level
Gabriela RoseG127Gallery Level
Gabriella Shaw CeramicsC38Ground Floor
Gemma JG142Gallery Level
Glaze & GordonG139Gallery Level
GrandalaC26Ground Floor
Grays Country GiftsG244Gallery Level
Griff Great BritainD28Ground Floor
Hacks and HillsG212Gallery Level
Hayfield Countryside CraftsG151Gallery Level
Hays EquestrianG223Gallery Level
Heyland and WhittleG120Gallery Level
Hiho SilverG136Gallery Level
Home and HoundG161Gallery Level
Hope Valley LtdE15Ground Floor
Horse and Hound MagazineGH6Ground Floor
Horse Health Wessex LtdC15Ground Floor
HorsebitsB07Ground Floor
Horses of the WildH267Olympia Introducing
Imperial ColtH274Olympia Introducing
In the Country MagazineH271Olympia Introducing
The Saddle
G228Gallery Level
Inch's SaddleryF49Ground Floor
Indigo BooG100Gallery Level
J. M. S. International
E01Ground Floor
Jardin De FranceA41Ground Floor
Jonty EquestrianG227Gallery Level
Jormaepourri LtdD56Ground Floor
Joshua Jones UKG111Gallery Level
Joules LtdF25Ground Floor
Just ChapsD60Ground Floor
KASKG150Gallery Level
Kate Negus SaddleryG137Gallery Level
KC CollectionG134Gallery Level
KEPE26Gallery Level
Kingsland Equestrian UKE11Ground Floor
Kozy SocksC50Ground Floor
Lalaland & BoG102Ground Floor
Laura AntebiG191Gallery Level
Leisure Shop LtdB42Ground Floor
Leroy & BongoH266Olympia Introducing
Vignobles Guindeuil
G203Gallery Level
Libbys Horse Tack &
Dog Leads
D16Ground Floor
Liberty KellyG155Gallery Level
The Jewellery StopG220Gallery Level
Little Hero LondonG55Ground floor
Grey Designs Ltd
G125Gallery Level
Lydia Kiernan ArtE25Ground Floor
Mackenzie and GeorgeG131Gallery Level
Margaret Lee Palmistry
A49Ground Floor
Maxima EquestrianG179Gallery Level
Microfibre Store LtdG192Gallery Level
ModessaG186Gallery Level
MojoB49Ground Floor
Musto @ Peter StuntD01Ground Floor
Nags EssentialsB15Ground Floor
Noble OutfittersD34Ground Floor
OlvossaG162Gallery Level
Olympia Official Merchandise StandGH7Ground Floor
Organise My CarD52Ground Floor
Patey HatsG152Gallery Level
Peachy BeltsG248Gallery Level
GH2aGround Floor
Philomena London PetOutfittersG246Gallery Level
Pinkster GinG205Gallery Level
Pony Magazine and Horse & Rider MagazineB50Ground Floor
Porsche Cars Great Britain LimitedGH5Ground Floor
Prestatie SportG144Gallery Level
Printz by JessF23Ground Floor
A01Ground Floor
Prudhoe RosettesC03Ground Floor
PSantiago Alpaca DesignsG149Gallery Level
PulsemagneticsD50Ground Floor
Ransomes Jacobsen LtdGH2bGround Floor
ReadysuppG167Gallery Level
RedwingsC51Ground Floor
Richardson Designs LtdG166Gallery Level
Rosettes DirectF20Ground Floor
Royal EquestrianG162Gallery Level
Rudds Wellies LtdG153Gallery Level
Ruff & TumbleG229Gallery Level
SalamoG188Gallery Level
and Pepper Shoes Ltd
G184Gallery Level
SB PromotionsG171Gallery Level
Scotts of LondonG222Gallery Level
Seaton GiftsG104Gallery Level
SederholmG116Gallery Level
Shadow HorseG148Gallery Level
Silver SteedG187Gallery Level
SloemotionG200Gallery Level
Snoozzzeee DogG145Gallery Level
Snowdonia CheeseG204Gallery Level
Snuggy HoodsE53Ground Floor
SoxTrot UKA65Ground Floor
Spry CandlesG103Gallery Level
Stable Door Name PlaquesF59Ground Floor
StartSmartC28Ground Floor
Stevenson Brothers Rocking HorsesE33Ground Floor
Stivaleria F.lli Fabbri sncG133Gallery Level
Stormchase LtdG183Gallery Level
StormtechD126Gallery level
Stride InnovationsH269Olympia Introducing
T C Tack LtdE52Ground Floor
Amaze Brush
G173Gallery Level
Flying Duck
B46Ground Floor
Flying Fox
G114Gallery Level
Kennel Club Limited
GH8Ground Floor
Mane Dealer Ltd
B57Ground Floor
Oxford Brush Company
D18Ground Floor
Oxford Shirt Company
D26Ground Floor
Oxton Liqueur Company
G201Gallery Level
Pony Club
GH4Ground Floor
Print Rescuer
D27Ground Floor
Profiles Range
B55Ground Floor
Smart Feeder
G146Gallery Level
Yorkshire Clothing Company
D41Ground Floor
ThermatexD57Ground Floor
Thomas & Co LtdD61Ground Floor
Saddlery Ltd
G163Gallery Level
Tom LaneG130Gallery Level
Townfields Saddlers LtdF33Ground Floor
TozoH270Olympia Introducing
TrackenerH272Olympia Introducing
Tree House Sporting Colours
G105Gallery level
Tylers Horse & CountryC58Ground Floor
Uptown E StoreG119Gallery Level
Utopia RetailB61Ground Floor
V-BandzA15Ground Floor
Vero EquestrianG207Gallery Level
Vintage Collectable ClothingG117Gallery Level
Voltaire Design LtdE35Ground Floor
Warwickshire ClothingA17Ground Floor
WelligogsB34Ground Floor
Wendy Darker ArtD33Ground Floor
Wingfield DigbyG253Gallery Level
World Horse WelfareB52Ground Floor
Wychanger Barton SaddleryC41Ground Floor
ZafinaG156Gallery Level
ZellieG214Gallery Level