La Garde Republicaine to come to Olympia

La Garde Républicaine and its famous cavalry regiment, one of the most talked about branches of the French Gendarmerie, is to bring their display to Olympia this Christmas.

Eighteen horses and sixteen riders will be making the trip across the English Channel to perform their renowned ‘Reprise des Douzes’, meaning ‘the resumption of twelve’, a spectacular ensemble of twelve chestnut horses to music. Choreographed to reflect the origins of French equestrianism and the way in which horses were ridden in battle, the combination of balletic Dressage movements, speed and precision, makes for one of the most technically difficult pieces of group riding.

With over 450 horses, the cavalry regiment of La Garde Républicaine are known for their roles within the security and pageantry sectors, adding tradition and splendour to state occasions, and a responsibility for security and protection in many important Parisian venues. Roles within in the regiment are considered to be the greatest honour, demanding years of training for both horse and rider to reach the highest standard.

Colonel Philippe Delapierre, commander of the cavalry regiment, said: ‘The cavalry regiment of the republican Guard is extremely proud to be returning to Olympia Horse Show after seven years. It is a great opportunity to perform in front of the fantastic British crowd and celebrate the role of the regiment and its importance in the modern day.’