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Watch this dressage superstar in his final farewell to competition in an emotional appearance with Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Alan Davies. Video on demand available here

One of the most iconic classes of the Show, the Cayenne Puissance wall goes higher and higher!

The Olympia Grand Prix puts our Show Jumpers to the test over some of the biggest fences of the week. Video on demand available now

A jump off class where all riders on equal faults go through to a high speed jump off against the clock.

Fast and furious, extreme driving sees a team of four horses race round a set of obstacles and fly for the finish.

Watch as riders fly round the course in this speed class where the fastest time on least faults wins.

A Showjumping class won with an excellent round by Darragh Kenny.

Riders have to jump a careful but fast round in this winning round competition where both time and faults count.

One of the most enjoyable classes of the week, jump jockeys compete against flat jockeys in this tense relay race. Watch out for a certain famous flying dismount.

After a first round, riders must put on a burst of speed for their jump off round.

A great class to watch all our up and coming riders, perfect for spotting future (and current) stars.

One to test your maths skills, as each fence jumped is worth a different number of points. Watch out for the jocker fence at the end of the round.

A knock-out competition run over 5 rounds, with fences being raised each time. Find out who manages to make it thorugh to the end!

A two round class where riders need to ride clear to compete against the clock in a fast and furious jump off.

Our speed Pony Club ponies and riders team up to compete in a high speed pairs relay class – full of speed, skill and cuteness!

These speedy ponies can turn on a six-pence, so get ready to watch some amazing high speed rounds in our Mini Stakes class.

A two round class where all riders who have jumped clear progress to a high speed jump off against the clock.

Exciting and fast paced, it is all about speed in this class as both time and faults count.

An iconic class where riders jump a line of fences which are raised every round, how high will they go!?

For ponies under 148cm, this class is the perfect chance to watch some up and coming talent.

The Olympia Senior Showing Series Championships sponsored by Anthony D Evans

Video on demand available now

Watch these speedy ponies and their jockeys race round the Olympia arena in the highly competitive competition which has all the fun of a traditional horse race.

This fabulous horse and dog whisperer from Spain puts on an amazing display showing the bond which can exist between man, equine and canine.

Witness 16 of Portugal’s top riders showing their amazing skills on their beautiful Lusitano horses in this wonderful display.

It was been a truly fantastic year for equestrian sport, and our team GBR medallists have all come together at Olympia. Please note this will not include any Olympic or Paralympic footage. Video on demand available soon

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