Volunteer at Olympia Horse Show

The volunteering programme at Olympia is managed by G4S, the security company contracted by Olympia Horse Show. Volunteers are required to work a minimum of 5 shifts at the Show. Shifts are generally 8 hours long and tend to be morning to afternoon or afternoon to evening.

Volunteers will be provided with a show uniform – polo shirt and fleece and are asked to wear their own black trousers and smart shoes. Volunteers are also provided with meal vouchers which they can exchange at the food outlets at the event.

The show provides each volunteer with two complimentary tickets to a performance (from a selected list). This is subject to availability.

Unfortunately the Show is not able to offer accommodation or help with transport costs, this volunteer programme is therefore suitable for those who live close to the venue.

The minimum age for volunteers is 18.

Please note regarding shifts & positions we prefer to keep the same volunteer in Key areas throughout the event ie. Riders Seating (as this is where you will be dealing with VIP’s)

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Please be aware that you need to make yourself available for a minimum of 5 shifts. In addition, all volunteers are required to attend a briefing which will take place at Olympia on Sunday 11th December between 1.30pm and 3pm. You will also be issued with your uniform at this time.

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You will need to wear your own black trousers and you will be provided with an Olympia official polo shirt and fleece.
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